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Fast & Efficient Charging Solutions for Homeowners

With 25 years of expertise, Moore Electric is your go-to for Level 2 EV charger installations, panel upgrades, and energy-efficient lighting. Experience fast charging in the comfort of your home, delivered safely and swiftly by our specialized team.

We understand the modern homeowner’s energy demands. With Moore Electric, you’re not just getting top-tier installations; you’re investing in quality, efficiency, and a brighter, sustainable future.

Thinking about Level 2 home charging for your EV? Moore Electric offers a direct, reliable connection to the future of transportation. Our specialized team ensures quick, safe installations to power up your vehicle, eliminating middlemen and delays. Experience the convenience of fast charging in the comfort of your home.

We understand the evolving energy demands of modern homeowners. That’s why we provide not only top-tier EV charger installations but also essential panel upgrades that enable faster charging. With Moore Electric, you’re investing in quality, efficiency, and a brighter, electric future that aligns with your lifestyle.

Why Trust us?

Trusted Partner in Electrification

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

A 99% customer satisfaction rate reflects our commitment to excellence.


Our installers undergo rigorous training and hold the highest industry certifications.

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Authorized Installations for Top Vehicle Manufacturers    A Partnership in Sustainable Mobility

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

A 99% customer satisfaction rate reflects our commitment to excellence.

local certified master

Our Installers undergo rigorous training and hold the highest industry designations.

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Moore Electric simplifies the process of home EV charging. As a leading provider, we offer turnkey installation services that ensure the highest quality and a seamless
customer experience.

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What's Included in Your EV Installation

  • Installation of a Level 2 hardwire charging station or with a NEMA 14-50 outlet (which you provide, usually comes with the vehicle).
  • Labor and materials for the installation
  • Main service panel load calculation to assess available capacity*
  • Permit and inspection handling (fees apply)**
  • Code-compliant electrical wiring and protective tubing
  • Powering up and testing the charging unit for proper operation

1-Year warranty on parts and labor

*We have the capability to upgrade your electrical panel to ensure sufficient capacity for EV charging and future-proof your home, allowing for the incorporation of additional electrification technologies in the future.

**Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to (a) pay all applicable fees associated with required permits, and (b) ensure that the installer has applied for and obtained all necessary permits.

What's Not Included?

  • Level 2 charging station (must be purchased by customer prior to installation)

  • Stucco, drywall, plaster, concrete or any other repairs to walls, floors or ceilings if wiring penetration is required

  •  Any necessary trenching for detached garages

Why Trust Moore Electric?

At Moore Electric, we’re at the forefront of the electrification movement—a transition towards sustainable, energy-resilient, and electric-powered technologies. With our expert installation services, we make this shift easy for you.

Who we serve


Energizing homes with master-certified Level-2 and bi-directional EV charger installations. Moore Electric meets modern energy demands with seamless panel upgrades, subpanel solutions, and renewable connections. Your key to sustainable living.


Moore Electric transforms multi-family living with Level-2 and wall-mounted EV charger installations. Navigating HOA's, we specialize in subpanel and main service upgrades, perfecting electrical solutions for apartment buildings and multi-family homes. Sustainable energy, community-driven.


Moore Electric shines in facility services with LED high bay and energy-efficient lighting. Specializing in electrical maintenance, power distribution, and switchgear, we offer the most popular solutions for modern facilities. Illuminate with innovation; power with precision.

What Makes Us Different?

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Master-certified electricians delivering expert electrical, sustainable solutions.

Affordable rates

We Offer honest, budget-friendly solutions with competitive rates.

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Quick Turnaround

We get the job done quickly and efficiently, providing a turnkey solution from start to finish.

Environmentally friendly

Championing environmentally friendly solutions for a sustainable future.

customer satisfaction

Committed to exceeding customer satisfaction through quality service.

No Job Is Too Small

With a wealth of experience across diverse projects, no job is too small or too big for us. We’re here to help you power your life, sustainably.

We specialize in everything from small NEMA 14-50 outlet and level 2 EV charger installations, and home panel upgrades to larger commercial energy-efficient lighting and power distribution systems.

Our track record speaks for itself. We’re the go-to electricians for sustainable power solutions.

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Take control of your energy future with our Level 2 EV charger installations. Experience seamless, fast charging right at home.

Our master certified installers are ready to empower your driving experience with top-quality service and safety.

Don’t wait – charge forward with us today and embrace a brighter, electric future.


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Ready to charge up your EV at home? 

We’re your direct connection to quickest and safest Level 2 charging installation. 

No middlemen, no delays.  Not just a messenger, we’re the experts you need. 

We work fast and we work right. Delivering top-quality services with excellent support. 

Charge up your EV at home quickly with us!

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Charging - Fast, Safe, Direct

Thinking about Level 2 home charging for your EV? You’re in the right spot. We’re your direct connection to quick, safe installations. No middlemen, no delays.

Poor electrical work can risk your property and safety. With us, there’s no worry. We’re not just a go-between; we’re the experts. We work fast and we work right.

EvC stands for trust. Our dedication to safety, top-quality service, and excellent support sets us apart. Each job we do has a solid guarantee. With us, you’re investing in reliability and a brighter, electric future.