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Electrical tenant and landlord improvements are an important part of any commercial building, ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical systems. Electrical contractors can be a great resource for providing solutions to health and wellness related issues related to electricity use in businesses. Fitness centers, medi-spas, and other health-focused establishments depend on efficient electrical systems to operate smoothly.

Lighting, in particular, plays a critical role in providing customers with the best possible experience. With lighting solutions that are tailored to each business’s needs, electrical contractors can help create a safe and comfortable environment for their customers and employees. From lighting solutions to surge protection and other related services, Moore Electric offers specialized services to meet the unique needs of businesses across all retail businesses.

Moore Electric is committed to providing the highest quality electrical solutions for tenant and landlord improvements. Our experienced technicians use industry-leading tools and technologies to ensure safe, reliable, and cost-effective systems that meet the needs of any retail business.



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Residential Electrical Panel Upgrade

Residential Electrical Panel Upgrade

residential electrical panel upgrade

Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting Contractor Illuminate your facility with our top-notch commercial lighting contractor services. Our experienced technicians and creative electricians help brighten up any space, no matter the size or complexity. From cutting-edge LED high bay systems to energy efficient setups, ballast repairs and motion sensors – let us make a lasting impression on your next […]

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