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Strategic Partnerships in Power and Innovation

Moore Electric defines excellence in electrical contracting, blending innovation with 25 years of expertise. We’re not just service providers; we’re partners, committed to quality, safety, and tailored solutions in California.

Service Excellence

Commercial Electrical & Lighting Solutions


Transform your commercial spaces with energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, designed for optimal performance and sustainability.


Comprehensive electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance to keep your business powered and productive.


Optimize your business operations with elite lighting and electrical maintenance services. Ensure peak efficiency and safety with our expertise. Let’s connect to transform your operations!

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Custom Electrical & Lighting Solutions

We offer appointments for estimates, on-site walkthroughs, lighting control programming, troubleshooting, service calls, Title 24 inspections, and more. 

Simply fill out the form below with your details, and we’ll promptly confirm your appointment.

Diverse Expertise

Powering Facilities

Our skilled team delivers specialized electrical services across a broad spectrum of industries, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and safety for every project.



Elevate your warehouse or facility with specialized electrical services. From LED high bay lighting to electrical infrastructure power distribution and solutions, we ensure optimal performance and safety.

Biotech & Laboratory

Biotech & Laboratory

Advanced and safe electrical solutions for biotech and laboratory environments, ensuring your facility supports groundbreaking research effectively.



Tailored lighting and electrical services for the evolving needs of healthcare facilities.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

From ambient to task lighting, we craft the perfect dining atmosphere, balancing operational efficiency with an inviting ambiance for guests.

Retail & Shopping

Retail & Shopping

We specialize in LED Spotlights and Ambient Lighting to create inviting retail environments that attract customers and highlight products effectively.



We deliver LED High Bay Lighting and Lighting Controls to optimize efficiency and enhance safety, ensuring your facility operates at peak performance with sustainability in mind.
Trust & Excellence

Elevating Standards.
Surpassing Expectations.

Led by a Certified ‘Master’ Electrician, our team exceeds industry norms to fulfill and surpass your expectations, embodying our role as your trusted solution partners dedicated to excellence.

Custom Electrical Solutions
Tailored power systems designed for maximum efficiency and reliability.
Eco-Friendly Energy Upgrades
Sustainable and green solutions for a healthier planet and reduced energy costs.
Advanced Diagnostic Services
State-of-the-art diagnostics to pinpoint and resolve complex electrical issues swiftly.
Safety & Compliance Checks
Rigorous safety inspections and upgrades to ensure your space meets all regulatory standards.

What Our Clients Say

Moore Electric Excels with Unparalleled Expertise, Efficiency, and Transparent Pricing, Consistently Exceeding our Expectations.

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