Our Commitment to Healthcare Excellence

Tailored lighting and electrical services for the evolving needs of healthcare facilities.

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Moore Electric elevates healthcare with custom electrical and lighting solutions, ensuring operational excellence and patient safety. Our two decades of experience guarantee innovation, compliance, and efficiency for every healthcare setting, from patient rooms to diagnostic facilities. Partner with us for services that blend superior care with regulatory adherence, enhancing both facility performance and patient experience.

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Our Commitment to Healthcare Excellence

Discover our healthcare solutions for patient safety, staff communication, and excellence, including nurse call systems, medical imaging support, lighting repairs, and retrofits.

Nurse Call Light Systems

Nurse Call Light Systems

Vital for patient-staff communication, these systems are a must-have in many medical facilities. Quick response times can often be life-saving.
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Medical Imaging Equipment

Precision Power for Imaging

Expertise in crafting and maintaining the vital electrical foundations for MRI, CT, and X-ray systems. Ensure stable power, optimal grounding, and uninterrupted operation with our specialized solutions.
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Energy-Efficient Lighting

LED Lighting Retrofits

Upgrading Medical offices, clinic’s, centers and facilities to LED systems for better illumination and energy savings.
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Emergency Backup Power

Reliable Backup Power

Essential for ensuring that critical equipment keeps running during power outages. This includes generator setups and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
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Exit Signs & Electrical Compliance

Exit Signs & Electrical Compliance

Ensure your medical facility meets all safety standards with our compliant exit signs and electrical solutions. Our services guarantee visibility, adherence to regulations, and a secure environment for all.
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Safety & Compliance

Safety at the Forefront

Navigate the complex world of safety and compliance with ease. Our healthcare electrical solutions ensure that your facility not only meets but exceed industry standards, guaranteeing a healing environment of care.
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Healthcare Electrical Insights

Explore crucial FAQs on LED benefits, nurse call systems, and ensuring your facility’s safety and efficiency.

 Upgrading to LED lighting not only enhances energy efficiency and reduces operational costs but also improves healthcare facilities’ lighting quality. LEDs, offering a longer lifespan and higher luminous efficacy, provide a cost-effective solution with significant ROI.

Nurse Call Light Systems are essential in healthcare for immediate communication between patients and medical staff, ensuring quick response times during emergencies and significantly enhancing patient care and safety.

Yes, optimized lighting can create a restful environment for patients, aiding recovery by regulating sleep patterns and mood. Tailored lighting solutions in areas like ICUs can greatly improve treatment outcomes.

Safety and compliance in healthcare electrical installations are ensured through strict adherence to industry standards, regular training, and audits. Using certified equipment minimizes risks and maintains a safe environment.

Implementing energy-efficient lighting solutions like LED retrofits significantly reduces energy consumption, lowering electricity bills and offering long-term operational cost savings for healthcare facilities.

Customized lighting is vital in areas requiring specific lighting conditions, such as diagnostic rooms or patient wards, ensuring optimal functionality for medical procedures and enhancing patient comfort.

Backup power systems are crucial for continuous operation of critical medical equipment and lighting during power outages, ensuring there is no disruption in patient care, even during emergencies.

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