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Moore Electric is the beacon of transformative lighting solutions for businesses. From innovative retrofits to advanced controls, we craft the brilliance your space deserves.

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Commercial Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting

Illuminate your commercial space with cutting-edge LED lighting, combining cost-effectiveness with environmental responsibility.

LED High Bay Lighting

Optimize large areas with LED High Bay lighting, achieving superior illumination and energy savings efficiently.

Lighting Retrofits

Upgrade to energy-efficient lighting for enhanced brightness and significant savings, stepping into a brighter, sustainable future.

Lighting Controls

Experience intelligent illumination with smart sensors, merging ambiance with efficiency for real-time energy-saving adjustments.

From concept to reality, our custom lighting projects blend aesthetic brilliance with practical excellence. Discover seamless design and execution.

Emergency Lighting

Ensure safety with compliant emergency lighting and exit signs, designed for reliability during outages and swift evacuations.

Smart | Healthy | Beautiful

Enlightened Environments

 Transform your environment with adaptive lighting that optimizes comfort, promotes well-being, and merges functional aesthetics seamlessly.

Adaptive Lighting

Adaptive lighting enhances comfort and reduces energy use.

Wellness Enhanced

Enhance occupant health & productivity with lighting designs.

Functional Aesthetics

Blend style & function for enhanced aesthetics and efficiency.

Versatile Brilliance

Illuminating Industries

Dive into our tailored lighting services, perfect for any industry. Enhance aesthetics and efficiency with our innovative solutions.



Elevate your warehouse or facility with specialized electrical services. From LED high bay lighting to electrical infrastructure power distribution and solutions, we ensure optimal performance and safety.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

From ambient to task lighting, we craft the perfect dining atmosphere, balancing operational efficiency with an inviting ambiance for guests.

Commercial Offices

Commercial Offices

Boost productivity and enhance aesthetics in your office with innovative LED lighting. Create an efficient, creative workspace.

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Lighting Solutions

Unlock the full spectrum of lighting possibilities with Moore Electric. Our bespoke lighting solutions, from dynamic retrofits to intelligent controls, redefine spaces for peak performance and aesthetic excellence. Embrace efficiency, sustainability, and stunning design in one seamless package.ion, Moore Electric pioneers lighting solutions that redefine spaces and optimize efficiencies.