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Elevating safety and compliance is our mission. We’re here to ensure your facility adheres to the highest safety standards.

Safety Meets Style

Elevating Signage Impact

We’re committed to your safety and compliance. Our expert Emergency Exit Sign Solutions ensure you meet California regulations and OSHA standards. From LED sign installations to maintenance, we simplify safety for you.

Beyond safety signs, we specialize in eye-catching retail and restaurant solutions. Our signs blend functionality with style, enhancing your brand’s presence and appeal. 

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Secure & Stylish

Signage Mastery

Master safety compliance and elevate your brand with our signage solutions. Discover a blend of emergency exit installations and creative retail or restaurant signage designed for visibility and impact.

Emergency Exit Sign Installation

Safety First: Compliant Installations

Trust our experts for the compliant installation of clear, visible emergency exit signs. Strategically placed for maximum safety, we ensure each sign meets California's regulations and OSHA standards, offering you peace of mind with our reliable service.

Exit Sign Maintenance

Maintain Brightness & Functionality

Keep your exit signs bright and functional with our routine maintenance services. From bulb replacements to battery checks, our maintenance experts ensure your signage remains dependable, ensuring safety and compliance.

LED Lighting for Signage

Illuminate Your Brand

Brighten your brand presence with our LED lighting solutions for signage. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, our energy-efficient LED options ensure your signs are vibrant and visible, day or night, enhancing recognition and drawing attention to your business.

Custom Exit Sign Design

Personalized Safety Signage

Elevate your space with custom, branded exit sign designs that do more than ensure safety—they enhance your facility's aesthetics. Our design consultations bring your unique vision to life, merging safety with style.

Retail Signage Solutions

Captivate Customers with Style

Transform your retail space with signage that attracts and delights. Our solutions offer the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, enhancing your brand's visibility and creating an inviting atmosphere for customers.

Restaurant Signage Solutions

Enhance Dining Ambiance

Create an inviting dining experience with our restaurant signage solutions. From elegant to eclectic, our signs enhance your restaurant's theme, contributing to the ambiance that complements your culinary offerings.
Visibility | Efficiency | Compliance

Exit Signage Excellence

Master the art of exit signage with solutions that blend strategic visibility, energy efficiency, and reliable compliance. Elevate safety and cost savings, adhering to high standards effortlessly.

Strategic Visibility

Maximize presence and safety.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Save costs with LED exit signage.

Reliable Compliance

Adhere to standards, reduce risks.


Understand exit sign regulations, types, outage response, and maintenance for compliance.

Yes, clear, visible exit signs are mandatory under California state and federal OSHA regulations for safety compliance.

They have battery backup systems to maintain illumination and visibility, ensuring safety even in blackouts.

Includes photoluminescent, LED, and self-luminous tritium signs, each offering unique benefits for varied needs.

Commercial buildings must comply with specific California state and OSHA guidelines detailing exit sign requirements.

They should be inspected monthly for functionality, with an annual professional check recommended.

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