Biotech & Lab Environments

Advanced and safe electrical solutions for biotech and laboratory environments, ensuring your facility supports groundbreaking research effectively.
Empowering Discovery

Energize innovation in Biotech & Lab Environments

Elevate your research with Moore Electric’s specialized electrical solutions, crafted specifically for the biotech and laboratory sectors. Our commitment to innovation, safety, and efficiency ensures your facility is equipped to support groundbreaking discoveries.

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Precision Solutions

Specialized Services for Biotech & Lab Industries

We deliver cutting-edge lighting and electrical maintenance solutions tailored to the biotech and laboratory sector, ensuring optimal operational efficiency, safety, and innovation.

LED Lighting Solutions

Brightening Labs Sustainably

Customized LED lighting for precise tasks and ambient needs, enhancing visibility and energy efficiency.
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Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance

Proactive and reactive maintenance services to ensure uninterrupted lab operations and equipment reliability.
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Emergency Power Systems

Reliable Resilience in Power

Robust backup solutions to maintain critical functions and protect sensitive research data during outages.
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Specialized Lab Lighting

LED Brilliance for Labs

Incorporate cutting-edge LED technology in your lab with our specialized lighting solutions. Enhance task visibility, reduce eye strain, and improve experimental accuracy with energy-efficient illumination.
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Controlled Environment Systems

Exact Environmental Stability

Tailored electrical solutions for controlled environments, ensuring precise temperature, humidity, and purity for stable lab conditions.
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Power Backup Systems

Uninterrupted Research Continuity

Ensuring research continuity with dependable power backup options, including UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and generator setups.
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Safety & Compliance Inspections

Safety & Compliance Inspections

Regular checks to ensure all electrical installations meet the stringent safety standards and regulatory compliance necessary for the industry.
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Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades

Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades

Enhancing and expanding electrical systems to support the growing demands of advanced laboratory equipment and technology.
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Exit Signs & Electrical Compliance

Exit Signs & Electrical Compliance

Ensure your lab meets all safety standards with our compliant exit signs and electrical solutions. Our services guarantee visibility, adherence to regulations, and a secure environment for all.
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Discover solutions to common questions about our tailored electrical services for biotech and laboratories, ensuring your facility operates with precision, safety, and efficiency.

We service a wide range of facilities including research laboratories, biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, clinical laboratories, genetic testing centers, and university research labs across Southern to Central California.

Safety and compliance are our top priorities. We adhere to strict industry standards and regulations, and our installations are performed by certified professionals. We also conduct thorough testing and inspections to guarantee safety and compliance.

With a growing emphasis on sustainability, this question showcases your forward-thinking approach and appeal to environmentally conscious organizations.

We primarily serve clients from San Diego to Visalia, covering Southern to Central California. Our team is equipped to support the diverse needs of the region’s biotech and laboratory sectors.

We tailor simple, clear electrical and lighting solutions to fit your lab’s specific needs, ensuring ease of use and efficiency. Our team ensures a seamless fit for safety and functionality.

Absolutely. Our team is experienced in installing a variety of specialized lighting and power systems designed to meet the stringent standards required for laboratory and research work.

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