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Unlock comprehensive lighting solutions: From LED upgrades to retrofits, enhance efficiency, aesthetics, and achieve significant ROI.

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Moore Electric stands as your premier partner in lighting excellence. We blend innovative design with seamless execution to deliver lighting solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Specializing in LED enhancements for diverse spaces, we ensure every project shines brighter.


Transformative Lighting Solutions

Elevate your operations with our complete suite of lighting services, designed for maximum efficiency, sustainability, and return on investment.

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting Retrofits

Upgrade your lighting infrastructure for high-efficiency performance, better lighting quality, and even ballast replacement. With Moore Electric, your retrofit project is not just an upgrade; it's an investment in sustainable performance and immediate cost savings.

Integrated Lighting Services

Integrated Lighting Services

From initial design and product procurement to post-installation warranty management, Moore Electric is your all-inclusive partner for lighting solutions. Experience peace of mind and long-term ROI with our end-to-end services that cover every detail, every step of the way.

Consistency Across Scale

Consistency Across Scale

Your lighting project with Moore Electric is far from a one-time event. We provide solutions that maintain quality while scaling across multiple locations, ensuring a long-term, high-return investment.

Innovative Design Efficiency

Innovative Design Efficiency

We go beyond the bulb, integrating SME insights from building control and electrical engineering to design a lighting system that complements your entire business ecosystem.

Flexible Future-Proofing

Flexible Future-Proofing

With Moore Electric, it's not just about immediate savings; it's about designing a system that allows room for future growth and technological advancements. Optimize today, expand tomorrow.

Rebate Maximization

Rebate Maximization

Don't leave money on the table. We're experts at identifying local and federal rebates for LED upgrades, making your project even more cost-effective.
Redefining Lighting Excellence

A Brighter Approach

Unlock the full potential of your business operations with our specialized commercial electrical repair services.

Seamless Integration

Effortless setup and compatibility.

Rapid Deployment

Quick, efficient installation.

Future-Proof Design

Ready for tomorrow’s tech.

Lighting Insights

Get quick answers to your questions about LED upgrades, lighting retrofits, and our comprehensive services, helping you make informed decisions about your lighting project.

Switching to LED lighting can dramatically improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enhance your workspace’s lighting quality. LEDs offer superior lifespan and luminous efficacy, making them a high-ROI solution for any commercial environment.

A lighting retrofit replaces outdated systems, including ballasts, with cutting-edge technology to improve energy utilization and light output. With custom retrofit solutions, you can achieve substantial energy savings and improve sustainability metrics.

Our Integrated Lighting Services offer a comprehensive approach, including design, product procurement, project management, and warranty administration. We serve as your long-term partner, maximizing efficiency and ROI across all project stages.

Turnkey Solutions streamline your lighting project by offering design, installation, and maintenance under one umbrella. This eliminates the challenge of coordinating multiple vendors, thereby improving cost-efficiency and project timelines.

Our lighting designs are not only efficient but also flexible and future-proof. We use modular components and scalable frameworks that allow for easy modifications, supporting your business’s growth and evolving needs.

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