Parking & Garages

Parking Structure Entrance

Our comprehensive lighting ensures well-lit, safe parking areas, enhancing user experience with visibility and security as top priorities.


Modern House Power Upgrades

Bringing safety and innovation to California homes.


Transform automotive facilities with specialized electrical and lighting solutions, enhancing efficiency, safety, and customer experience.

Commercial Offices

Boost productivity and enhance aesthetics in your office with innovative LED lighting. Create an efficient, creative workspace.


Manometers on steel cylinder storages or vats or tanks on beer

We deliver LED High Bay Lighting and Lighting Controls to optimize efficiency and enhance safety, ensuring your facility operates at peak performance with sustainability in mind.

Retail & Shopping

Young woman hand holding shopping paper bags with blur colorful lighting in shopping mall area

We specialize in LED Spotlights and Ambient Lighting to create inviting retail environments that attract customers and highlight products effectively.

Food & Beverage


From ambient to task lighting, we craft the perfect dining atmosphere, balancing operational efficiency with an inviting ambiance for guests.


clean operating room, robot with C arm and medical equipment

Tailored lighting and electrical services for the evolving needs of healthcare facilities.

Biotech & Laboratory

A drop from a laboratory pipette falls into a flask, close-up. Scientific laboratory research

Advanced and safe electrical solutions for biotech and laboratory environments, ensuring your facility supports groundbreaking research effectively.


Warehouse Electrical and Lighting by Moore Electric

Elevate your warehouse or facility with specialized electrical services. From LED high bay lighting to electrical infrastructure power distribution and solutions, we ensure optimal performance and safety.