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Elevate safety and efficiency with Moore Electric’s panel upgrade services. Perfect for modern electrical demands, our upgrades ensure your system is safe, compliant, and capable.

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Why Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

Electrical panel upgrades are essential for safety, accommodating new appliances, and avoiding overloaded circuits. Moore Electric specializes in upgrading both main panels and subpanels, ensuring your home’s electrical system is robust, compliant, and ready to handle the demands of today’s technology-driven lifestyle.

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optimized Home Panel Upgrades

Developing custom electrical designs tailored to your needs and budget, we consider your building’s size, occupancy, and equipment for optimal solutions.

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Main Panel Upgrades

Transition to a more powerful main panel to accommodate growing electrical needs, ensuring your home meets current electrical codes and safety standards.
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Subpanel Installations

Subpanel Installations

Optimize your home’s electrical distribution with strategically placed subpanels, ideal for large homes or properties with detached buildings.
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Solar Inverter Maintenance

Solar Inverter Maintenance

Seamlessly integrate and maintain solar inverters, maximizing the efficiency and reliability of your home’s solar energy system.
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Unmatched Electrical Mastery

Elevate your home’s electrical system with our certified expertise. From custom panel upgrades to future-ready installations, we ensure your setup meets today’s standards and tomorrow’s innovations.

Certified Master Electricians

Expert-led projects ensuring safety and efficiency.

Customized Solutions

Tailored electrical upgrades for your unique needs.


Preparing homes for advanced electrical technologies.

Expert Insights on Panel Upgrades

Dive into essential questions on electrical panel upgrades, timelines, and more, clarifying the process for California homeowners.

An electrical panel upgrade involves updating your home’s electrical panel to support more circuits and handle higher electricity demand. This is crucial for safety, efficiency, and accommodating modern electrical appliances and technologies.

In California, the total process for an electrical panel upgrade, including utility approval, can range from 6 weeks to 4 months. Once approvals are obtained, the actual upgrade work typically completes within a day.

Installing a subpanel is an effective way to distribute power more evenly and manage load more efficiently in homes with high electrical demand, particularly in areas far from the main panel or with specific energy-intensive uses.

Solar inverters convert the DC electricity generated by your solar panels into AC electricity, which can be used by your home or fed back into the grid. Proper integration with your electrical panel ensures optimal performance and energy savings.

Upgrading your electrical panel enhances electrical safety, reduces the risk of fire, allows for the addition of more circuits, and supports high-energy appliances and technologies, including EV chargers and solar power systems.

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