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Integrated Solutions

Streamlining Projects with Expert Design-Build

Our Electrical Design-Build service merges innovative design with skilled construction, offering a seamless, coordinated project from concept to completion. This approach minimizes project risks and costs while ensuring quality and efficiency.

Core Strengths

Design-Build Expertise

Our core services under Electrical Design-Build focus on delivering tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring functionality, sustainability, and innovation.

Custom Electrical Systems

Custom Electrical Systems

Tailored systems designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, ensuring your project's success.

Sustainable Power Solutions

Sustainable Power Solutions

Eco-friendly power systems that reduce environmental impact and operational costs.

Advanced Lighting Solutions

Advanced Lighting Solutions

Innovative lighting designs that enhance aesthetics and functionality, while optimizing energy use.
Key Advantages

Service Benefits

Discover the benefits of our Electrical Design-Build services.

Efficiency & Reliability

Streamlined project delivery with a focus on lasting quality.

Innovation & Customization

Creative solutions tailored to unique project requirements.

Cost-Savings & Sustainability

Eco-friendly practices that save money and the environment.


Answers to common questions about our Electrical Design-Build services.

The design-build method offers a unified workflow, reducing time and costs, while enhancing communication and project outcomes.

Our team’s unique blend of creative design and technical execution expertise ensures innovative, efficient, and fully customized solutions for each project.

Yes, our expertise spans across projects of all sizes, ensuring the same level of quality and dedication.

Our designs incorporate energy-efficient technologies and materials, aiming for green certification and reduced operational costs.

We cater to a wide range of industries, including commercial, industrial, healthcare, Biotech and Retail, providing versatile electrical solutions.

Our integrated approach significantly speeds up the entire process, often completing projects faster than traditional methods, without compromising on quality.

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expert Electrical Design-Build

Unlock Efficiency, Safety, and Innovation for Your Facilities and Commercial Spaces.

expertly tailored

Electrical Design-Build

Power your commercial success with Moore Electric’s expert electrical designs. Tailored to fit your needs and budget, we focus on every detail—from building specifications to your operational requirements.

Our end-to-end service, from initial planning to execution, ensures a customized electrical system that aligns seamlessly with your business goals.

precision crafted

optimized Electrical Design-Build

Developing custom electrical designs tailored to your needs and budget, we consider your building’s size, occupancy, and equipment for optimal solutions.

Custom Electrical System Design

Custom Electrical System Design

Collaborate with us to develop a bespoke electrical system that caters to your unique requirements and financial plan. We consider every variable to ensure your system supports your business impeccably.

Efficient Electrical System Installation

Efficient Electrical System Installation

With your design finalized, our skilled team promptly and efficiently installs your system, utilizing premium materials and adhering to the highest safety standards, to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Electrical Maintenance & Repair

Electrical Maintenance & Repair

Beyond installation, we offer extensive maintenance and repair services to maintain your system's peak performance, helping you avoid unexpected issues and ensuring longevity.
Simplified Process

Streamlined Approach

Efficiently navigate your project from conception to completion with a single point of contact, ensuring a hassle-free and cost-effective experience.

Single Contact

One Point of Contact

Timely Completion

On Schedule

Cost Efficiency

Save Time & Money


Find quick insights into our electrical design build services, tailored for commercial and warehouse projects.

Electrical design build offers a unified approach that minimizes delays and costs, ensuring your project is tailored for maximum operational efficiency and safety.

This model fosters better communication and coordination, speeding up completion and delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

Absolutely, our services are designed to efficiently integrate and optimize electrical systems for advanced warehouse automation, supporting scalability and reliability.

Custom designs provide energy-efficient and safe electrical systems that can easily adapt to future expansions or technology updates, making your infrastructure more sustainable.

We prioritize compliance with all relevant regulations, incorporating the latest standards into the design and installation process to ensure your project is both safe and compliant.

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